Grow Green Roots was created out of the love I have for encouraging others to transition to an Earth-friendly lifestyle.  I started my own journey years ago, and was inspired to create the Grow Green Roots blog after I noticed friends and family asking  me for advice.  I thought maybe I could reach more people through writing, and it made me feel like I was making a difference.

While researching for the blog, I quickly realized there are very few products in stores that are actually eco-friendly.  It was frustrating and disheartening to find out that some of my most-loved "green" products weren't actually what I was led to believe.  So, I decided to do something about it, and my writing evolved to include creating.  I began creating products with ingredients that I can actually support.  And I fell in love!

I am an artist-turned-nurse, so I've always enjoyed creativity as much as scientific thought, and believe they often go hand in hand.  Soap making is the perfect way to express these interests!  It really has become my true passion.  The goal with my soap is to allow Mother Nature to speak for herself.  Using real, natural ingredients, no greenwashing, no hidden toxic substances.  

The blog will still continue alongside of our product line. You can expect to see occasional articles that focus on pretty much anything that promotes a greener lifestyle.  Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your journey!



Grow Green Roots Owner